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NaMoPaiMo Challenge (And One Hundred Horses: Number Twenty-Two)

I finished my NaMoPaiMo 2020 horse with a day to spare. He is an American Cream Draft Horse so I was working with a light golden coat color with mottled skin and amber eyes.

I hadn't planned on four socks, but sometimes with pastels the color doesn't do what you want. His hind pasterns had gotten darker than I wanted. So four socks it was. This ended up being more like my reference, Joker's Golden Boy.

One Hundred Horses: Number Twenty

Do you remember when the Valegro and Andalusian Stablemate models hit the shelves? It was the summer of 2016 and I had just discovered a new location of a small toy store chain in Boise... so I had to go in! I bought three of each model. I started customizing them that week. This one's tail sort of fell off in my hand so it went on to find a new home and this one had a new tail sculpted.

Long story short, he sat around for years in plain white primer. Then with this personal challenge of actually finishing the models I started, I got him out of his pony pouch. I knew the real Valegro looks great in bay, I chose to paint him bay as well.

New Stablemate Molds 2020

There are two new Stablemate foal molds found in the Mystery Unicorn Surprise A and C sets. One is cantering with her head and tail up. This older filly has a sturdy build. I’m thinking she’ll make nice Warmblood and draft cross customs.

The second new foal is in a playful pose. She is younger and smaller. She is a pearly pale blue that turns to pink. She seems to be lacking the detail found in other SM foals. For customizers, she might make a nice light breed or pony foal.

One Hundred Horses: Number Twenty-One

I finishedAnnalisa, a dark bay thoroughbred mare, about a month ago but wasn't able to take her photo. Even with the sun yesterday she wanted to catch the breeze and topple over... so I just have one shot of her out with the mares.

Annalisa is a simple custom from the new walking thoroughbred mold. She's got big mare-y hooves and a softened mare-y face with a star.

I usually use white primer on my models, but for her rich coloring I sprang for the red primer.

NaMpPaiMo Progress

I am back in town after an enjoyable trip to Belgium and Germany and have recovered from the jet lag and head cold that had me dragging. My NaMoPaiMo model is finally getting a little color on him. His base coat is a light golden tone done in pastels.
I love Pan Pastels, but when it comes to pale colors I turned to other brands. Rembrant Pastels come in a wide variety of colors. This one here is a soft, not-too-bright yellow (234,8). This was my first time using Blick Artists' Pastels (from our local Dick Blick Store). Their Autumn Brown 2 filled the niche I needed for a very light brown. In front is a sick of DuvelCarre Pastel I've been carrying around since I first learned that you could paint with pastels. It has a little bit of shimmer to it.

Some artists scrape their pastel sticks to create the dust, but I don't want to use a sharp knife unless I need to--so I rub my pastel sticks on a sandpaper palette to create little piles of dust. Yes, this wears my paintbrushes …

Postcards from Brugge, Belgium