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Throwback Thursday Mini Model Horse Version

Awhile back, I heard through the grapevine that a hobbyist purchased one of my models. It was something I had done years before, and the comments were something along the line of a seam was showing or there was a brush stroke in the paint—or probably both! The gossipy tone of this news made me laugh. I am not perfect, nor has every piece I ever created been perfect. Maybe someday I'll get closer to that goal.

So for all of you who are working on your craft and learning as you go, I'm going to share some photos of custom minis I've done over the years.

When I first started customizing Stablemates, only G1 models were available. Here's an Arabian mare made from the Thoroughbred mare from my days in San Diego, CA (from 1995 to 1998). She is airbrushed a warm gray and sports four little socks and a blaze. Her mane and tail are very textured (remember Gapoxio? It didn't like me.) And the Krylon spray on her is rather shiny... maybe I was going for the Show Sheen look.

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More New Stablemate Molds

I purchased three new molds at Breyerfest, so I am behind the curve in posting about them. Many artists have been customizing the Alborozo—it seems to be a favorite!

 Back in February, I had a post about the new mold's I had in my hands. I thought I'd share the customs I've done from those.

Boston Inspiration: Pastels and Horses

New House, New Studio

Two weeks before Breyerfest, we bought a house. We got the keys while I was in Kentucky and we've been painting-working-moving for most of August. Now we are in the new house and unpacking.
I have a studio space in the basement that is it's own room. It's a work-in-progress...

Postcards from Kentucky NAN

Posting from my phone again...
NAN 2018 was a lovely way to spend the day today with OF performance and CM and resin breed and workmanship. The small crowd was friendly and supportive and the judges did a great job.
Two of my babies won top five and top nine rosettes.

And other showers were putting some serious competition in the rings with their own minis.

Wordless Wednesday

Postcards from Kentucky, Old Friends

I’m going to try and post from my phone... fingers are crossed.
I had a lovely tour over at Old Friends at Dream Chase Farm this morning.