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Fall Live Shows

I went to two shows this fall, the Michigan Show Series Halloween Show in Hastings, MI. Melissa Hart was a wonderful host, the show hall was a great size, and the autumn drive in the country was beautiful. The show was for all scale models from Trads to Micro minis so the tables had a little bit of everything on them!

The second show I went to was in Riga, MI near Ohio. The show was for Classics and smaller sizes. Trina Houser hosted  Riders Up on the
Recent posts

My 2019 International Customizing Equine Event Model

I am a little behind the curve on my custom model for ICEE. That’s the Facebook challenge held in October and November. I had two live shows back to back so I had been focused on my show string. Now I’m working on my model.

He is a Akhal-Teke stallion from the new walking thoroughbred / unicorn mold.

So far I’ve taken off the mane, forelock, horn and tail. I’ve lengthened the neck and patterns and shortened up the hip. The legs are only moved a tiny bit.

One hundred Horses: Number Fourteen

This little mare, Cassiopeia, is another gray—but a fleabitten gray. There are several flea bitten gray horses at the barn where I board that I used as references.

Cassiopeia began as a Magnolia unicorn and her position hasn't changed. I added to her back and hindquarters, and added more bone to her legs. Her movement is elevated onto clear pegs and her mane is braided. Her face has been resculpted a little bit.

Copy Cat Custom Project (Number Thirteen)

I have (finally) completed my Copy Cat Custom Model! I began working on her in January of 2019. And I have a few excuses as to why she took 10 months...

So I've named her Kitty after the contest. She sports a little green bow and a little attitude. I'm looking forward to showing her at her first show this weekend!

One Hundred Horses: Number Twelve

Czech Me Out is a Czech Warmblood Stallion customized from the Django mold. He sports big, starry dapples and a braided mane and tail. He's so happy to have color on him—he's been waiting to be painted for over a year now. I used my new neutral gray pan pastels.

Wordless Wednesday

One Hundred Horses: Number Eleven

I'm excited to finish my first custom horse on the new standing Warmblood mold from the paint-your-own unicorn set. He posed for his photos yesterday at Lake Saint Clair.