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One Hundred Horses: Number Six

One Hundred Horses: Number Five

One Hundred Horses: Number Four

One Hundred Horses: Number Three

One Hundred Horses: Number Two

One Hundred Horses: Number One

I love to start new projects--new custom minis to be precise, but finishing them is something else altogether. I tend to start more than I complete. So I am challenging myself to finish one hundred horses.

Drum roll... here is my first model:

Paperclips for Structure Under Epoxy

Hello and happy summer! I chose not to go to Breyerfest this year, so I’m home working on more custom minis for my show string and sales list. I’ve got a variety of models in progress and they all need a little structure for one reason or another: a forelock that will be free from the face, new ears, tailbones, tail swaps, a mane swap, a peg for a base, and my least favorite—repairing a leg. For these situations, I’m using paper clips!

First, I found a drill bit that was the same size as the small-sized paperclips. I’m using a Drexel tool, but keep in mind that a drill or hand-drill would also work. The big thing here is to hold/secure your models in a safe way so you don’t drill your fingers (ouch!). Wrapping the model in a towel and placing it in a small vice is a good choice.

Second I drilled the holes, often cleaning the plastic off the drill bit in between. To do this I heated the plastic with my embossing tool/heat gun and then eased it off with an Exacto knife. (Careful not to…