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Hooves on the Table Please (Part 1)

There’s an old saying that goes “no hoof, no horse.” And I’m always reminding myself to check in on my model horses’ hooves. Especially those models whose hooves are supposed to be flat on the table.  I feel that a show-quality model should stand well. All feet that should be in contact with the table should be on the table—not hovering above it, not touching on one side and not the other.
Enter two things: one, a piece of sandpaper.

Two, a table-height view.

If the model has a problem hoof (or four), I hold the sandpaper flat to my desk and move the model’s hooves across it. Back and forth, side to side or in circles—it can depend on the horse. The trick is to go slowly and check your progress often.

This Rivet custom had a hovering right hind hoof. But I didn’t want to sand off the toe of the right fore. So...

I sanded only the hind feet, letting the forefoot scrape the desk only, not the sandpaper.

Much better. I hope this helps your models stand true!

Fall Live Shows

I went to two shows this fall, the Michigan Show Series Halloween Show in Hastings, MI. Melissa Hart was a wonderful host, the show hall was a great size, and the autumn drive in the country was beautiful. The show was for all scale models from Trads to Micro minis so the tables had a little bit of everything on them!

The second show I went to was in Riga, MI near Ohio. The show was for Classics and smaller sizes. Trina Houser hosted  Riders Up on the

My 2019 International Customizing Equine Event Model

I am a little behind the curve on my custom model for ICEE. That’s the Facebook challenge held in October and November. I had two live shows back to back so I had been focused on my show string. Now I’m working on my model.

He is a Akhal-Teke stallion from the new walking thoroughbred / unicorn mold.

So far I’ve taken off the mane, forelock, horn and tail. I’ve lengthened the neck and patterns and shortened up the hip. The legs are only moved a tiny bit.

Thanks to the hosts and the model horse community as a whole for making the ICEE event informative, inspirational and supportive to artists of all levels of experience. The tips, advice, and new products shared are something we can use all year long!