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Wordless Wednesday

One Hundred Horses: Number Eleven

I'm excited to finish my first custom horse on the new standing Warmblood mold from the paint-your-own unicorn set. He posed for his photos yesterday at Lake Saint Clair.

One Hundred Horses: Number Ten

One Hundred Horses: Number Nine

Number nine is Danaway, a Welsh Cob Section D stallion in dapple buckskin. He's been hanging around my studio unpainted since Breyerfest 2017. A simple custom with a new tail, customized face, and a peg added, he was inspired by a real horse

One Hundred Horses: Number Eight

Number Eight is Figaro, a grulla Lusitano stallion. I tried out some new art supplies with him.

First I put down a basecoat of Rust-Oleum 2x paint plus primer that I had used before ( Next I got out my new Pan pastel color Raw Umber 780.5, which reminds me of the color of a horse that has rolled in the mud and it has dried.

But... I was able to get a grulla tone with this, not just mud.

The next new item was a cheap craft paint that I bought to save time in mixing up a chocolaty brown for eye color. It wasn't successful because there was very little pigment in the paint, even after stirring it. I purchased it to save time, not to waste time with many layers.

One Hundred Horses: Number Seven

Meet number seven: Harrald is a Fjord gelding. This little guy has been around my studio for about five years. My friend, Kara Prescott, has a lovely Fjord mare named Willow who inspired my pastel partner from Idaho, Karen Prescott to add many Fjord custom minis to her collection. Visit their studio page here:

Karen is the master of painting duns of all shades and sculpting the thick Fjord manes. So following in Karen's footsteps was a challenge for me, first to make my model different from her work, then, to choose a dun color... they are all so pretty!

Part of the delay in finishing Harrald was that I had a hairbrained idea to make him a harness and cart. (I prefer to make tack on unpainted customs so I don't get glue on the finished product.) So he sat unpainted for another year while I didn't build the harness.

Harrold is from the Trotting Warmblood/Driving Horse with additions to his barrel and hindquarters that I hope make h…