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One hundred Horses: Number Fourteen

This little mare, Cassiopeia, is another gray—but a fleabitten gray. There are several flea bitten gray horses at the barn where I board that I used as references.

Cassiopeia began as a Magnolia unicorn and her position hasn't changed. I added to her back and hindquarters, and added more bone to her legs. Her movement is elevated onto clear pegs and her mane is braided. Her face has been resculpted a little bit.

Copy Cat Custom Project (Number Thirteen)

I have (finally) completed my Copy Cat Custom Model! I began working on her in January of 2019. And I have a few excuses as to why she took 10 months...

So I've named her Kitty after the contest. She sports a little green bow and a little attitude. I'm looking forward to showing her at her first show this weekend!

One Hundred Horses: Number Twelve

Czech Me Out is a Czech Warmblood Stallion customized from the Django mold. He sports big, starry dapples and a braided mane and tail. He's so happy to have color on him—he's been waiting to be painted for over a year now. I used my new neutral gray pan pastels.