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Throwback Thursday

 If you give me a choice between many layers of white paint and a solid-colored horse, I'd choose the solid color any day. Pintos, with their extensive white, have never been my go-to color. 
Here are a few G1 customs from about 1998. I was in grad school and had access to an airbrush studio. I spent a lot of time there on weekends.

The Native Dancer mold was one of my favorites back when G1 Stablemates were the only Stablemates. This portrait pinto may have been a gaited horse. I remember he got dropped at a show and his head broke off. I repaired him after the spill.

Pansies and Ponies Live Show, Ann Arbor, MI

I’ve been to two shows this spring, one for traditional models and one for all scales. Mini showers came out with some beautiful customs and resins at Pansies and Ponies!

Dapple grays shone in all shades, models, and mediums:

And the model of the moment, Alborozo, looks amazing in every color:

These two were Orion mini resins sculpted by Stacey Tumlinson with beautiful paint jobs:

And unique colors were everywhere: