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2019 Custom Challenges and Contests

Model Equine Photo Showers Association Contest:
If you are looking to help a good cause, you may be interested in the MEPSA contest. The mini custom contest can be any model. The entries are due March 15, 2019. Winners will be selected by majority vote on MEPSA’s blog. Your model will become  property of MEPSA and will support the organization. There is no entry fee, you simply provide your own model.

Aves Studio 1K Give Away:
If you sculpt with Aves Studio products such as FixIt Sculpt or Apoxie Sculpt you can enter a photo of your work on Instagram to win a prize pack of Aves Studio goodies. Please note that you must be 18. Deadline is January 11, 2019. Be sure to read the details:

National Model Painting Month:
Looking for a little nudge to finish painting a model? Join Braymere Custom Saddlery and the hobby community as you work on a model this February with NaMoPaiMo. The Facebook group will be a click away with tutorials, ideas, and moral support to keep you going. Everyone who completes their model wins the challenge. Sign up before January 31, 2018. Entry is only $2. and

This mare is on my list of potential projects for NaMoPaiMo 2019
She ended up being a sorrel, much like my 2018 NaMoPaiMo... maybe painting a nice warm color in February is my thing.

Copy Cat Custom Project:
Paint a dapple gray Arabian with bows! Everyone will start with the same project and reference photos, but all of the models will be different in the end. Airbrush, oils, acrylics, pastels... you choose. No deadline. No fee.

I've added a bow to my mare's mane for the Copy Cat Custom Project

National Model Sculpting Month:
NaMoScuMo challenge was held in June and July last year. I hope to see it again in 2019!

International Customizing Equine Event:
Plan ahead for ICEE challenge in October and November.


Popular posts from this blog

New Pan Pastels - An Update

A little while back I posted a photo of my new Pan Pastel colors. I've gotten a chance to use them, and have found them quite handy.

     First, these colors are all useful—which is not something I say about many of the Pan Pastel colors because they are not all well suited for horses. The orange shade looks a little odd at first, but once it's part of the coat it softens to a nice, bright addition to chestnuts, palominos, buckskins and bays. I think of is as more of a golden tone than orange when the model is finished.
     Second, they are easy to use—no sandpaper palette needed, no huge-jar-o-dust waiting to spill. The pans work with both paintbrushes and Microbrush applicators for small details like leg bars and dorsal stripes.
    Third, the colors work well together and blend well. For example, on this model I used the Burnt Sienna Extra Dark to deepen a few areas I had dusted with the Burnt Sienna Shade.

So... these new Pan Pastel colors definitely have a place in my s…

Rust-Oleum Products Experiment

Rust-Oleum has been one of my go-to brands of supplies over the years. I use the 2X Ultra Cover white primer on almost every model I customize, plus one of my favorite sprays—Testors Dullcoat —is made by Rust-Oleum.

So I thought I'd do a little experiment and try some other Rust-Oleum products for two different phases of pastelling customs: first, for the basecoat color under the pastels, and second for the fixative spray between the layers and/or final coat.

The two basecoat colors I chose were Satin Ivory Silk and Satin Fossil.

PROS: The paint can be applied directly to a well-sanded, prepped Breyer or over primer.
I think the colors of these paints were lovely places to start a horsey-toned paint job. The Ivory Silk color seems like it would be great for buckskins, palominos, sorrels and bays, whereas the Fossil was less warm/yellow and more of a neutral brown for grullas and some bays and buckskins.
They were affordable, about $4.00 each, and easy to find at Home Depot.


2108 Model Horse Shows

I lived in Boise, Idaho for 17 years, and let me just say that the Intermountain West has many wonderful things to do, but model horse shows weren't often one of them. Our model horse club held shows for many years, and I occasionally traveled to North Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah for a show or held a show myself.

So I am excited to be in the Midwest! Where showing is going strong—so much so that show tables spaces often fill up quickly.

This spring and summer, I have plans to attend the following:

March 24th, Hillard, OH - Save the Tigers Model Horse Show
Hosted by Kristen Donato (

April 21st, Riga, MI - Tax Time Relief Live Model Horse Show
Hosted by Trina Houser (

July 13th, Lexington, KY - Breyerfest Open Model Show
Hosted by Michelle Masters (