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A Golden bay in Pan Pastels

I thought I'd share a bit of my process. I'm working in Pan Pastels. The model in question is a simple custom Morgan Stallion from the new standing Stablemate Warmblood mold. He has had some work done on his barrel and hindquarters. His mane and tail have been changed as well. I prepped him with Rustoleum 2X primer in white and taped off some white markings with blue painters tape.Feel free to follow along and paint your own golden bay or liver chestnut. 
Art Supplies Shopping list:A model with sanded seams and logo removed
400 Grit SandpaperMasking or painters tape (optional)Rustolem 2X PrimerPan Pastels: 280.3 Orange Shade, 820.2 Neutral Grey Extra Dark (or other neutral grey), Layer 3: 740.3 Burnt Sienna Shade, 740.1 Burnt Sienna Extra Dark, 800.5 Black.Pan Pastel optional colors for shading mane, tail, and white markings:Optional fleshy pink pastel or paint for a pink nose or shading white markings.
Krylon Matte, Testor's Dullcote, or other matte/dull sealer
Quality acry…
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National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo)

I'm doing National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo)! Every August artists come together (on Facebook) to complete one custom in the vintage or retro custom style.Hosted by Sarah Minkiewicz- Breunig, the group can be found here: project is a G1 Saddlebred, a mold that has always made me smile ever since I discovered Stablemates in the late 1980's. (And is also on my website's list of Stablemate molds in need of a custom: I've moved the head a little bit, replaced the ears and added to the tail. Right now I'm in the prepping stage:

I'm trying out an old technique that I used to make new ears around 1990. I was an industrial design major at RIT and as part of the program we made models of products out of plastic. The plastic started out as flat sheets and could be heated to form different shapes.
I used this plastic to make mule ears on this vintage Traditional-scale girl: Long stor…

New Molds 2020: Breyer 70th Anniversary Stablemates

I've been looking forward to the new line of "mini me" Stablemate molds, but because I decided to support local toy stores and tack shops by shopping here in Michigan so it took me a little while to find them all.

There are seven new molds, increasing the total number of Stablemates to 82:
Mini Smart Chic Olena inspired by "Smart and Shiney" sculpted by Susan Carlton Sifton Mini Connemara Mare, or "Croi," inspired by "Bramble" sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-BreunigMini Fell Pony inspired by "Black-Eyed Susan" sculpted by Kathleen MoodyMini Missouri Fox Trotter in shaded fleabitten grey also by MoodyMini Indian Pony in vintage-style chestnut tovero sculpted by Chris HessMini Fighting Stallion in vintage-style glossy charcoal also by HessMini Clydesdale Stallion in vintage-style woodgrain also by Hess
The first little guy in my hot little hands is Smart Chic Olena. This mold has a lovely long tail with lots of details, a handsome head,…

One Hundred Horses: Number Twenty-Five

I have been remiss on posting finished models for my personal challenge of finishing one hundred models (instead of starting something new.) As you may have noticed, I’ve started a new model with wire mesh as part of the mane and tail... so many wonderful horsey distractions!
Meet Encore! He is a custom from the G3 rearing Andalusian. This is one of two models in a bow that started with this mold. I found the mold a little tricky to work with because of his pose. When tamed into a new pose, however, he’s quite the sweetie!

Encore has been on my workbench for about five years. My friend, Karen Prescott, began two bowing models at the same time and they were completed a long time ago.

I chose bay roan for this guy, a color that can be painted many ways with many mediums. I chose a pastel base coat and pastel pencils. I purchased two brands and ended up using them both because they dulled quickly. I drew on many tiny hairs, then sprayed with Testors Dull Coat, and repeated the process. …

Sculpting with Wire Mesh

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during these difficult times. I’m saddened that we won’t be gathering for spring live shows and this summer’s Breyerfest. I’m going to miss getting together with amazing friends in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Until things change, thanks to everyone sharing their corner of the hobby world online!

I needed a creative jolt to get me out of a quarantine funk, so I opened up my package of sculpting mesh. My victim is a Paralympic Driving horse that will become a Fjord custom. Harald, my previous Fjord, is from the same mold. His mane was a challenge for me because of the upright nature of it... so the contour mesh.

First, I cut a slot along the crest. This will hold the mesh in place. Then I cut a piece of mesh to fit. I left plenty of extra that I will trim and shape later. Scissors cut the mesh just fine, but please be careful of sharp edges and scraps.
I then superglued the mesh in place.
With a sharpie, I marked how long I wanted it to be (from bas…