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My NaMoPaiMo Pony: Firebird

  National Model Painting Month 2024 ( ) was a huge success for artists around the globe. Many thanks to Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Saddlery ( ) for hosting this inspiring event. My model was a Stablemate Fireheart with a tiny change to his front leg. I was going for an Irish Cob Quarter Horsse cross so I could use this lovely fellow as a color reference ( ). I got a later start on Firebird because I had been finishing three other Fireheart models. They looked so good together,
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New Stablemate Molds 2023-24

  Brio 712497 (photo by Breyer) There's a new rearing mold in the Stablemate lineup. Brio is a Mustang stallion by artist Mindy Berg. Mindy's sculpture has lovely shapes and details that remind me of Kathleen Moody and Maureen Love sculptures. I could imagine this boy in bone china. He's a big boy both in his build and in scale with the other models—which will make him a joy to customize. His ears are back, with one wrapped in a bit of forelock. His head is tucked up tight against his muscular neck.  Brio was a 2023 Stablemate Club Model.   Photo by: Akilah is an Arabian mare positioned for showing in-hand—which makes many of us do a double take on her front legs. She is a mini of Zafirah, a Brigitte Eberl sculpt who debuted as a Traditional 2022 Premier Club model.   Horatio (photo by Breyer)   This mini Othello—aka Horatio—is a Deluxe Collector Club Bonus model for 2024. Othello/Wintersong was sculpted by Kathleen Moody. We first saw him as the po

Looking back at 2023 - 44 custom mini model horses

I was busy customizing this year. I finished 44 models—more than usual for me. I usually work slow so some of these were months in the making. I just happened to finish them in 2023. I put together a video. It's here:  The big reason I focused on customizing this year was that I had a table at Artisan's Gallery at Breyerfest. Some of my most requested models are mules:   Some of my favorites were Fireheart. This boy is fun to paint: Some of the models ended up in my show string. I love the MFT mold.   And there was a pony binge:      Sometimes a reference is so cute I paint it twice: There were a few drafters: And lots of foals: Gotta love dapples: A few had patterns:   Then there was a Halloween tangent that took two months:   I think that was everybody! Thanks to everyone who purchased a model in 2023. Every penny went toward board and care for Mr. Pots. 


Most of my custom mini work is realistic with an occasional touch of whimsy with a cat or a bow, a rolling horse, or a misbehaving pony—so I finally tried my hand at some Halloween decorator customs. Boo with his cat Binx, and Jackie O. The idea began with tiny gaming sculptures that wear capes and cloaks. Would there be a way to have "fabric" sculpted on a model horse?  So... there is! I used Milliput in Fine White. This is a two-part epoxy similar to Aves Studio White or MagicSculpt White. I found it at Michael's and also at Great Lakes Hobby & Toy here in the Detroit area. I rolled the epoxy out like pie dough in between two pieces of sandwich bag plastic, using water to keep it from sticking too much. Sabrina and Silk   These sheets of epoxy became my models' sheets—their spooky Halloween costumes painted purple, black, and green with contrasting colors underneath. The sheets are supported and connected to the models on the underside with more Milliput. Sabrin