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I made a video!

  I don't know about you, but I enjoy model horse videos on YouTube! YouTubers in the hobby have such great energy. I'm always inspired by them. It's so nice to see hobbyists sharing projects, tips, and crafts. There was a time (this will date me and how long I have been in the hobby) when artists were tight-lipped about how they customized models. There was this vibe that these techniques were secrets not to be shared. Myself and others disagreed with this and published books (read photocopies) on how to customize, hair, add glass eyes, etc. My first book was called Creating Champions, and while very dated today, I feel it is a tiny part of the welcoming and sharing culture the hobby enjoys today. Since I am new to making videos, I kept my first one simple. In it I share some customs on one of my favorite Breyer Stablemate molds: Rivet. Enjoy!
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Lake Erie Live Show

​The inaugural Lake Erie Live Model Horse Show was originally scheduled for April 2020 and was rescheduled to 2022. Let me say that it was worth the wait! The show hall at the Kalahari Resorts Convention Center was roomy and lovely. Many thanks to Tiffany Rufo and Katie White for hosting this amazing show. In Custom and Resin Breed the little ones showed alongside the big ones. The Customs ring had a wonderful variety of manufactures represented, like this WIA Sharif. This little one was a Papo mold. And Peter Stones The Breyer Stablemate Customs were adorable... The shading on this MFT was stunning! The Appaloosa class had some cuties! Glad I wasn't judging. Ponies the custom mini ponies were sweet... And a little spicy... My cell phone photos didn't capture just how nice these paint jobs are. A seasonal decorator on clear ware. Great color on this sweetie! The Custom Fantasy Class was something else! Every ring was filled with beautiful models... I couldn't keep up with t

Breyer Value Guide Live Show 2022

A detailed little pinto pony with loads of contrast.   Tricia Singer hosted BVG Live in Jackson, Michigan on April 2nd! What a wonderful way to start out a new year of model horse shows. The America 1 Credit Union Event Center was new, bright and spacious--perfect for a large show with many divisions. I focused on customs to keep things simple and not miss (too many of) my classes. The little guys were up against the big guys in the custom ring, giving the judge, Karen Zorn, a herd of competition as she judged for both breed and workmanship. A lovely Fjord with hearts in its mane. A beautifully shaded bay with a flippy mane. Another handsome bay boy, this one on a CollectA mold. A splashy leopard Appaloosa pattern. Two of my new girls: Horchata, an Azteca, on the left and Gingersnap, a grade stock horse, on the right. A sweet but spicy Pintabian with a lovely splash pattern. A Peter Stone Pebbles Arabian Custom giving your that mare-look. My new rolling Anglo Arab in all his sillyness.