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National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo) is here again!

 It's August already and NaREViMo is here! Follow along with fellow hobbyists on Facebook: As usual, I don't have a project in mind. Best wishes to all of you who have your creative thinking caps on. My 2020 NaReViMo Custom Harlem Road
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Mid-Year Release Stablemate Molds 2021

A shout out to Triple Mountain Model Horses for their wonderful service, fast shipping, and pop rocks! I purchased several Cantering Morgan (Charleston) and Irish Draft (Corbin) Stablemates. While these debuted in 2019, they are now regular runs which I like for customs. Cantering Morgan in black and Irish Draft in Appaloosa The Cantering Morgan is a stallion sculpted by Laura Skillern Sailer. He has nicely shaped twitching ears and an adorable face that might remind you of a Kathleen Moody sculpt. His forelock is centered and not wrapped around his cute ears. I love this about him. His mane and tail are long and full, move with the motion, and they do so without dominating the model. Now, this pose in a collected canter or lope has me a little confused. It isn’t a stage of the gait I see very often—especially with this breed. And when I do see a picture, it feels just a bit different than the model. The hind legs are underneath the model, almost like a canter pirouette, and the front

2020-21 New Breyer Stablemate Molds

Breyer has been working hard to keep us mini collectors happy. In the Chasing Rainbows Mystery Unicorn Surprise Series 2 is a new mold known as Prince Charming. Although, she might need a new name because she's a mare. Some collectors caught a glimpse of this model as a chase piece in 2020. Prince Charming Breyer Stablemate Unicorn I love this mold. She has wonderful detail throughout—including her lower legs and hooves. The hooves on the left side are connected, but they are easy to separate with a small saw and a little bit of heat if you desire. She is trotting which will make her useful for performance and give her a lively look in breed classes. She has lovely large ears that are pricked forward and easy to work with. Her mane and tail have tons of texture and are very fun to paint. Her hooves are not carved, and this is easy to change in three of them--the fourth being too tight for me. As for things to look out for when customizing her, her forelock isn't as detailed as

The Little Rider Doll Making Challenge

 Oh my! Another challenge! I learn something new every day. There's a challenge for hobby dolls called The Little Rider Doll Making Challenge. It is on Facebook: Some participants are pairing their dolls with International Tackmaking Month (April): Here’s my starting point for a hunt seat rider. Planning the customizing I decided not to use the torso and made a paperclip one instead. My unicorn wasn’t ready for the hunter ring, so I made an adjustment to his position, Added epoxy to torso today

NaMoPaiMo Challenge

NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month) is here again! This challenge brings hobbyists together to paint models. The Facebook group ( ) is supportive and positive with lots of questions and answers about mediums, colors, and process. My project is going to be a Missouri Fox Trotter Stablemate (my first custom on this mold). I'm going to paint him buckskin tobiano. I was inspired by a horse I saw online. Sarah Brabbin shared her lovely photography on her website: Good luck with your projects! I'll be rooting for you here in chilly Michigan (where the weather often gets in the way of my NaMoPaiMo process).  February is always challenging when it comes to weather: Primer on our first "warm" day in February A little bit on color on my gelding. Base color done in pastels White markings sketched in with Guesso... a little bit of an experiment. Using

Props and a Performance Pony

 I’ve finished customizing a Connemara Pony from the jumper mold (with a G1 Morgan Stallion head), but before I paint her, I’ll focus on tack, doll and jump to complete the picture. Bits and pieces of my project. Because I want my pony to appear petite (14.2 ha) I am scaling up the items around her. From the size of the jump to the adult rider, I’m hoping she’ll look like the pony she is, not a big warmblood. My ratio is 1 foot equals .425 inches. My first project to tackle is the plants that will decorate my jump. Today’s hunter fences have lots of “fill.” For this I purchased a bouquet of fake flowers with small-scale components. I’ve trimmed off some pieces to use—and found that some unraveled completely!  Fake flower bouquet with small components. For my flower boxes, I began with 1/4 inch square dowels and cut them to about 4 inches long. I painted them with craft acrylic paint and sprayed with matte finish. For the greenery, I used coarse turf that’s used in model railroads. Coat

New Table in the Studio!

  My workspace is clean because I got a new table! The Barnes and Noble where I work is getting new furniture so I got to take this one home. My hubby sanded and refinished the work surface for me.