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Throwback Thursday

This little mule sports a roached mane and a bell tail—both made with soft hair. I think I might’ve started with Native Dancer (my favorite G1 mold). He’s been airbrushed and sprayed with Krylon. He was painted on my patio in San Diego where the weather was almost-always perfect for airbrushing outside. Vintage CM Native Dancer to mule custom mini by Sarah Tregay from late 1990’s

Throwback Thursday

Another chestnut model... I might have been working on a theme. This is a G1 draft horse with some customizing. I would have heated up his little legs with a paint-removing gun—which was very hot and impossible to aim because it had a wide opening like a hair drier. His mane, tail and feathers are sculpted from Gapoxio (which got a bit lumpy and awkward in some places). He has a peg in one hoof and painted-on shoes. Vintage G1 Draft mini custom by Sarah Tregay from the late 1990’s

Quick Tip: Masking Tape Markings

I use masking tape to keep my white socks clean. Blue, green or just the plain kind all work. I rip the sections of tape off so my markings have irregular edges, not scissor-straight ones. It can take several small pieces to get the shape I want. Then I cover the leg and hoof with tape and trim off extra. This gives me a finger-hold while I'm pastelling. After my final pastel and spray has dried, I peel off the tape. Then I sand the pastel-primer edge with fine (320 grit) sandpaper to remove the line. Then I'm ready to paint the marking with acrylics.

2019 Custom Challenges and Contests

Model Equine Photo Showers Association Contest: If you are looking to help a good cause, you may be interested in the MEPSA contest. The mini custom contest can be any model. The entries are due March 15, 2019. Winners will be selected by majority vote on MEPSA’s blog. Your model will become  property of MEPSA and will support the organization. There is no entry fee, you simply provide your own model. Aves Studio 1K Give Away: If you sculpt with Aves Studio products such as FixIt Sculpt or Apoxie Sculpt you can enter a photo of your work on Instagram to win a prize pack of Aves Studio goodies. Please note that you must be 18. Deadline is January 11, 2019. Be sure to read the details: National Model Painting Month: Looking for a little nudge to finish painting a model? Join Braymere Custom Saddlery and the hobby community as you work on a model this February with NaMoPaiMo. The Facebook group