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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday Percheron and Clydesdale Comparison

I've been thinking about customizing some draft horses... so I went out to the pasture to do a little research. Please pardon the dirt. Pete, on the left, is a Percheron gelding. Titan, his best buddy, is a bay roan Clydesdale gelding. Pete has more width and bulk, while Titan is leggier and more narrow. Here I even noticed the difference in their faces—see the how the distance between their eyes are different, as well as from eye to nostril. Titan's tail is naturally long, whereas Pete's has been docked. Notice the different shaped hindquarters.

National Model Tack Month Begins Today!

There's another challenge for DIY hobbyists and it is National Model Tack Month! Hanna Bear is hosting it on Facebook. Like National Model Painting Month, this is an opportunity for artists of all levels to work on a project with the support of an online community. I am loving these challenges and the positive vibes they bring to our hobby. More about the group can be found here: It isn't too late to join and start your own tack project. Personally, I enjoy showing in showmanship and in-hand classes with my Stablemate models. (Less tack and no rider dolls to make hold the reins, just a handler and judge.) Another western halter would come in handy—so that will be my goal for the month... which I didn't get done this year.