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2020-21 New Breyer Stablemate Molds

Breyer has been working hard to keep us mini collectors happy. In the Chasing Rainbows Mystery Unicorn Surprise Series 2 is a new mold known as Prince Charming. Although, she might need a new name because she's a mare. Some collectors caught a glimpse of this model as a chase piece in 2020. Prince Charming Breyer Stablemate Unicorn I love this mold. She has wonderful detail throughout—including her lower legs and hooves. The hooves on the left side are connected, but they are easy to separate with a small saw and a little bit of heat if you desire. She is trotting which will make her useful for performance and give her a lively look in breed classes. She has lovely large ears that are pricked forward and easy to work with. Her mane and tail have tons of texture and are very fun to paint. Her hooves are not carved, and this is easy to change in three of them--the fourth being too tight for me. As for things to look out for when customizing her, her forelock isn't as detailed as