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One Hundred Horses: Number Nineteen

Pippi, a seal brown Spanish-bred mare. CM Alborozo Mold. Pippi is a playful mare in dapple seal brown inspired by  Vesuvio Bien Vee photographed by Soltera. Both are a color I hadn’t tried to paint before, and I am happy with the soft feel. Her braid is caught up in the game. Finally had some sun to work with in this photo of Pippi, a custom Stablemate scale Alborozo. Vesuvio Bien Vee - Paso Fino Bellas Formas National Champion 3 Year Old Gelding in 2001. This gelding exhibits a good breed standard of conformation, type and overall form. My own work. Photo taken in May of 2006 at Hoot Owl Farm. Author is Soltera. Pippi by Sarah Tregay Brown mare CM Alborozo by Sarah Tregay

One Hundred Horses: Number Eighteen

Grulla Brindle Mustang Custom Mini by Sarah Tregay The weather hasn’t been very cooperative for both spraying models and photographing them! I finished a simple repaint this week. He’s a grulla brindle mustang stallion with a little sock and a star, stripe and snip. His base holds him into a leaping pose. He was inspired by Drink One For Me, an AQHA stallion. ( ) Brindle Grulla Stablemate Custom by Sarah Tregay

NaMoPaiMo Registration is Open

Registration for National Model Painting Month is open! Please visit to sign up. Registration will remain open through midnight January 31. Once you register, you can't change your model... so start planning now so you have plenty of prepping--and decision-making--time. The Facebook group is here: Me and my little draft project. #NaMoPaiMo I'm going to paint a model I've been working on this winter. He's an American Cream Draft stallion made from a Breyer Stablemate Vaulting horse and a heand and neck combo resin sculpted by Maggie Bennett. Right now he needs another round of prep work--you know how that first coat of primer shows the little things that you missed? Now that he's one color I can see where I need to focus to blend the two parts together. For those of you on Pinterest, I'm working from photos of a sweet-looking stallion named Joker's Golden Boy. https://www.pinterest