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NaMoPaiMo Challenge

NaMoPaiMo (National Model Painting Month) is here again! This challenge brings hobbyists together to paint models. The Facebook group ( ) is supportive and positive with lots of questions and answers about mediums, colors, and process. My project is going to be a Missouri Fox Trotter Stablemate (my first custom on this mold). I'm going to paint him buckskin tobiano. I was inspired by a horse I saw online. Sarah Brabbin shared her lovely photography on her website: Good luck with your projects! I'll be rooting for you here in chilly Michigan (where the weather often gets in the way of my NaMoPaiMo process).  February is always challenging when it comes to weather: Primer on our first "warm" day in February A little bit on color on my gelding. Base color done in pastels White markings sketched in with Guesso... a little bit of an experiment. Using