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One Hundred Horses: Number Six

Rhapsody is a simple custom from the paint-your-own unicorn set to a bay thoroughbred mare with larger feet and a swishing tail. A thoroughbred custom mini model horse by Sarah Tregay

One Hundred Horses: Number Five

Relatively Clever is a chestnut thoroughbred stallion with four socks and a blaze. He's from the new paint-your-own unicorn model with larger feet, a lowered neck and a tail from a Breyer ornament. I'm thinking that he's a good size and pose for some performance Relatively Clever custom mini model horse by Sarah Tregay

One Hundred Horses: Number Four

Cadence is a light breed filly resculpted from the G2 running stock horse foal. She has four sock, a star and a snip on a bright sorrel coat. Cadence, a custom mini model horse by Sarah Tregay

One Hundred Horses: Number Three

Winslow is a G2 Warmblood customized to a silver dapple show jumper approaching a fence. He sports braids, swiveling ears, a long tail and a generous snip. Winslow, a custom mini model horse by Sarah Tregay

One Hundred Horses: Number Two

Allucio is a light dapple gray PRE stallion. I used the Copy Cat Custom reference photos for a place to begin because I haven't started painting my Copy Cat Custom yet and wanted to see if my new neutral gray extra dark Pan Pastel was going to work. Allucio is a simple repaint a custom mini model horse by Sarah Tregay. Here you can see his sock and blaze. Loved this neutral gray Pan Pastel. I'm going to buy the other shades next time I'm at the art supply store.

One Hundred Horses: Number One

I love to start new projects--new custom minis to be precise, but finishing them is something else altogether. I tend to start more than I complete. So I am challenging myself to finish one hundred horses. Drum roll... here is my first model: One Hundred Horses: Number One is Mokka an Icelandic Horse stallion in a rich dapple grulla. He is a repainted Breyer Stablemate done in pastels with an acrylic rod added to one hoof.

Paperclips for Structure Under Epoxy

Hello and happy summer! I chose not to go to Breyerfest this year, so I’m home working on more custom minis for my show string and sales list. I’ve got a variety of models in progress and they all need a little structure for one reason or another: a forelock that will be free from the face, new ears, tailbones, tail swaps, a mane swap, a peg for a base, and my least favorite—repairing a leg. For these situations, I’m using paper clips! Paperclip for a forelock New ears and tail Mane swap Tail swap with two pins fixing a broken leg Paperclip and small drill bit First, I found a drill bit that was the same size as the small-sized paperclips. I’m using a Drexel tool, but keep in mind that a drill or hand-drill would also work. The big thing here is to hold/secure your models in a safe way so you don’t drill your fingers (ouch!). Wrapping the model in a towel and placing it in a small vice is a good choice. Second I drilled the holes, often cleaning the p