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Photos from the Veterans Day Show in Riga, MI

My little trail scene Trina Houser hosted a lovely show for models classic size and smaller earlier this month. The custom mini division was small but fierce—the first snowfall of the year made travel difficult and a few showers didn't make the trek. Karen Zorn brought out her collection of beautiful mini Alborozos: Dapple Gray Andalusian Buckskin Mustang Grulla Criollo in pinto And with an Appaloosa blanket pattern Bows were the in thing: Clydesdale or Shire Suffolk Punch A pony by Karen Zorn A few Djangos in color: Georgian Grande   And an Appaloosa Cross

Packed for a Show: Veteran’s Day Live

I’m excited to be going to a show! The last two I attended were NAN and the Breyerfest Open Show. While NAN was lovely, showing custom minis at Breyerfest is/was frustrating because there’s only six breed classes with no division champions AND they were so late in the day that they overlapped with the Swap Meet. This summer, I passed up on a show in a neighboring state that had a similar format for the mini classes. But while I was waiting for that class list to be posted, I missed out on getting a table at a different show that sold out. So I’m looking forward to Veteran’s Day Live in Riga, MI hosted by Trina Houser. All my custom minis in one tote.

Thowback Thursday

This is another Arabian type from the G1 series. I think she began as the Arabian Stallion mold. Airbrushed bright chestnut this Arab cross mare has a Krylon-style glossy finish. I remember trying to straighten the legs so the model wasn't leaning over it's knees, as well as working on gender characteristics to go from a stallion to a mare. The Gapoxio gave me trouble, as did the fine wire I used under the tail (it broke). I love how the tail is in a strong wind, but the mane is not. This is a San Diego era piece as well, dating from about 1997.