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National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo)

Meet Harlem Road, an American Saddlebred Stallion!   I'm doing National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo)! Every August artists come together (on Facebook) to complete one custom in the vintage or retro custom style. Hosted by Sarah Minkiewicz- Breunig, the group can be found here: My project is a G1 Saddlebred, a mold that has always made me smile ever since I discovered Stablemates in the late 1980's. (And is also on my website's list of Stablemate molds in need of a custom: )  I've moved the head a little bit, replaced the ears and added to the tail. Right now I'm in the prepping stage: G1 ASB in progress I'm trying out an old technique that I used to make new ears around 1990. I was an industrial design major at RIT and as part of the program we made models of products out of plastic. The plastic started out as flat sheets and could be heated to form different shapes.   I used

New Molds 2020: Breyer 70th Anniversary Stablemates

I've been looking forward to the new line of "mini me" Stablemate molds, but because I decided to support local toy stores and tack shops by shopping here in Michigan so it took me a little while to find them all. Mini Connemara Mare with slight customization There are seven new molds, increasing the total number of Stablemates to 82: Mini Smart Chic Olena inspired by "Smart and Shiney" sculpted by Susan Carlton Sifton Mini Connemara Mare, or "Croi," inspired by "Bramble" sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Mini Fell Pony inspired by "Black-Eyed Susan" sculpted by Kathleen Moody Mini Missouri Fox Trotter in shaded fleabitten grey also by Moody Mini Indian Pony in vintage-style chestnut tovero sculpted by Chris Hess Mini Fighting Stallion in vintage-style glossy charcoal also by Hess Mini Clydesdale Stallion in vintage-style woodgrain also by Hess 2020 Breyer 70th Anniversary Smart Chic Olena Stablemate   The first lit