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Wordless Wednesday

2108 Model Horse Shows

I lived in Boise, Idaho for 17 years, and let me just say that the Intermountain West has many wonderful things to do, but model horse shows weren't often one of them. Our model horse club held shows for many years, and I occasionally traveled to North Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah for a show or held a show myself. So I am excited to be in the Midwest! Where showing is going strong—so much so that show tables spaces often fill up quickly. This spring and summer, I have plans to attend the following: March 24th, Hillard, OH - Save the Tigers Model Horse Show Hosted by Kristen Donato ( ) April 21st, Riga, MI - Tax Time Relief Live Model Horse Show Hosted by Trina Houser ( July 13th, Lexington, KY - Breyerfest Open Model Show Hosted by Michelle Masters ( ) Breeze, a Dartmoor Pony Orphan

Wordless Wednesday

Micro Contest Hosted by Maggie Bennett

My dear friend, Karen Prescott, participated in Maggie Bennett’s Monthly Micro Mini Subscription where she received a new model every month. We’d just finish oohing and aahing over one when then next would arrive in the mail. For Karen and other Maggie Bennett Micro collectors, this contest is the perfect opportunity to paint one of the models. (Or share a model that you have painted!) It might just be that nudge you need to break out your headlamp, reading glasses, and 000 paintbrushes. Maybe I should finally paint my jumping mule who has been without color far too long. The deadline is March 11, 2018. It is free to enter. The contest will have prizes for all levels of hobbyists, as well as best use of color, best preserved sculptural detail, best presentation, and best photo. Please visit,  for rules and information.


Hello and welcome to my model horse blog! Here I will be chatting about minis, and by minis I am referring to Stablemate scale (1:32) models not necessarily miniature horses, although those cuties may pop up on occasion. Mr. Pots, my Appaloosa gelding, and friends I will be sharing tips on painting with pastels, customizing, tackmaking, props, and showing models— and even though I am focused on the little ones, I hope to inspire you to create, show, and share equine art of all sizes.