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Wordless Wednesday

One Hundred Horses: Number Eleven

One Man Band is a chestnut pinto warmblood stallion on the new mold now with braids.  I'm excited to finish my first custom horse on the new standing Warmblood mold from the paint-your-own unicorn set. He posed for his photos yesterday at Lake Saint Clair. He has two blue eyes.

One Hundred Horses: Number Ten

Party Invite is a Knabstrupper x Andalusian cross stallion. He's done in pastels, spray paint (primer), colored pencils and acrylics.

One Hundred Horses: Number Nine

A Welsh Cob Stallion Danaway a G3 Friesan Stablemate Custom Mini to a Welsh Cob Number nine is Danaway, a Welsh Cob Section D stallion in dapple buckskin. He's been hanging around my studio unpainted since Breyerfest 2017. A simple custom with a new tail, customized face, and a peg added, he was inspired by a real horse

One Hundred Horses: Number Eight

Figaro a Lusitano Stallion by Sarah Tregay. Figaro   Number Eight is Figaro, a grulla Lusitano stallion. I tried out some new art supplies with him. First I put down a basecoat of Rust-Oleum 2x paint plus primer that I had used before ( ). Next I got out my new Pan pastel color Raw Umber 780.5, which reminds me of the color of a horse that has rolled in the mud and it has dried. But... I was able to get a grulla tone with this, not just mud. Pan pastel 780.5 Raw Umber and Fossil Paint + Primer worked well together.   The next new item was a cheap craft paint that I bought to save time in mixing up a chocolaty brown for eye color. It wasn't successful because there was very little pigment in the paint, even after stirring it. I purchased it to save time, not to waste time with many layers. Craft paint that didn't work for me because it was to

One Hundred Horses: Number Seven

Harrald, Fjord gelding custom mini by Sarah Tregay Meet number seven: Harrald is a Fjord gelding. This little guy has been around my studio for about five years. My friend, Kara Prescott, has a lovely Fjord mare named Willow who inspired my pastel partner from Idaho, Karen Prescott to add many Fjord custom minis to her collection. Visit their studio page here: No hill for sledding? No problem with Willow around to help. Karen is the master of painting duns of all shades and sculpting the thick Fjord manes. So following in Karen's footsteps was a challenge for me, first to make my model different from her work, then, to choose a dun color... they are all so pretty! Part of the delay in finishing Harrald was that I had a hairbrained idea to make him a harness and cart. (I prefer to make tack on unpainted customs so I don't get glue on the finished product.) So he sat unpainted for another year while I didn't build the har